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I have recently watched all of: The Witcher, Murderville, Bridgerton, Ted Lasso, Ghosts (UK), Only Murders in the Building, Severance, Minx, Starstruck, Our Flag Means Death, and the current season of Taskmaster to date

I started watching Barry last night, no firm opinions yet

I went looking for the premiere date and found these other good questions

(The premiere is July 12th btw)

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The fediverse has chosen the skull that pukes buttons, which was also my favorite

Second place was the black cat! I'm surprised, I thought it'd be the skull biting the little skull

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Our Flag Means Death 

"What kind of name is Jim for a lady?"

"My uncle's name is Margaret!"

"Yeah but Margaret's kind of a... either-or name. Jim's strictly for dudes."

Gentleman Jack 

I should try it again— I stopped around ep3

I like the cast, the setting, everything about the show, *except* that Anne decides to make Miss Walker fall in love with her simply out of boredom, jealousy, & need for money

I think the show is planning for Anne to fall in love too in spite of herself, but that's such a depressingly cold & calculating start to a "romance"

I've enjoyed worse love stories though (Jane Eyre) so I think I just need to be in the right frame of mind

I should watch What We Do in the Shadows from the beginning again, I'm enjoying Our Flag Means Death a lot more this second time around since I get what they're going for better

Having sex like they do on TV, always making sure to have a thigh obscuring your genitals


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What to watch when it's too late for a movie and you want to half pay attention while painting your nails? I think I'll start a rewatch of Our Flag Means Death

The HBOMax app has reached a new low, I paused my show at 26 minutes from the end and when I hit play again it jumped to 8 minutes from the end! About the worst thing that could happen in the delivery of a TV show to a consumer! Amazing!!


Trying to figure out who this Gomer Pyle kinda guy is supposed to be at the public television gala, but of course it's Fred Rogers

Remember when cable providers would have two TV channels on one number, 12 hours for each

There was a time when I got home from high school around 2:30 and wanted to watch Comedy Central, but channel 44 was Court TV until 3:00 when it would abruptly change in the middle of a commercial

Julia, spoilers for episode 4 

It's quite sweet & sad that Julia should be someone's awakening as a lesbian in college without realizing it

The story (drinking, skinny dipping in the lake when the other girls from Smith went to hang out with boys from Yale, falling asleep together on the couch under a blanket) sounds just like the sort of thing someone would remember forever & someone else wouldn't

Although if there's ever been a woman who could convince you to try something it's Robin Weigert

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I really liked how they show Julia and Paul as a couple who are friends and lovers, they have a comfortable relationship and sex life despite being older

It's a good antidote to that weird trend of movies where a couple of older actors try to have sex but fail at doing it the cool way their 21 year old secretaries tell them to try or accidentally get high on their teen grandkids' weed or whatever, as if those actors weren't teens in the 60s-70s who should know all this stuff already

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Watching Julia, the show about Julia Child's establishment as a household name, and being irrationally delighted that Bebe Neuwirth and David Hyde Pierce are in the main cast

I think a lot about a Tumblr post I saw once, about Steven Universe

Someone said how great they thought it was that here was a cartoon show with almost ALL female characters, they never thought they'd see such a thing when they were a kid watching TMNT! Imagine, a full reversal!

And someone pointed out, yeah, but TMNT was not called "The April O'Neil Show"

You see a lot of shows now with a supporting cast full of women like you're not going to notice the main character is still a man

The Righteous Gemstones, Interludes I & II 

I like them, I know people have strong opinions about off-topic episodes in a series (everyone hates that one Ted Lasso episode about Coach Beard, I liked it though) but it's interesting to see this complicated web of family connections

If they ever pay off Harlan and let us see him grown up, that'll be 2 seasons of groundwork laid out

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