There's a TV thing like Framed! Hooray

Of course it's only once a week, but still

Welcome to Wrexham 

I’ll say this for Reynolds and McElhenney, they’re at least making a point of taking the piss out of themselves

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The Sandman 

ok, the visual representation of Azazel whips ass

started watching Welcome to Wrexham, and I’m torn between loving an underdog docu-series and thinking two rich Hollywood wankers playing at real life Ted Lasso is, at best, extremely cringe

speaking of Sandman casting, Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death: A+, no notes. she is a delight in everything I have ever seen her in, and absolutely stunning to boot

The Sandman E5 

I always forget how low my tolerance for gore is. that was a tough hang

gotta say, I genuinely hate the casting of Patton Oswalt as Matthew the Raven in The Sandman

spending today on the (hopefully) upswing of convalescing watching something other than reality competition shows. it’s nice, in forced confinement kind of way

the best part of watching football on Sunday* is seeing the adverts for all the show I both had no idea existed and also have zero interest in

*not actually the best part

so far, the two keys to winning seem to be:

1. be tall

2. don’t be short

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is The Floor is Lava a very dumb game show? yes. am I going to watch all three seasons? also yes

somehow found myself in conversation with a 23-year-old about Grey’s Anatomy, a show that premiered when they were 6, and how my wife and I bought a DVR specifically to record episodes when they aired because at the time we both worked during it’s time slot. anyway, I feel about a thousand years old now

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