gotta say, I genuinely hate the casting of Patton Oswalt as Matthew the Raven in The Sandman

@checkervest @jontv i'm also signing the petition that says i'm officially done with Patton Oswalt being cast as "that wacky character that sounds just like Patton Oswalt."

@checkervest @hex he’s great in some stuff, but does not make sense here, tonally, at all

@jontv @checkervest him as the fillabusterer on parks and rec? sure that's fun. him as constable bob on Justified? yes please. him as the crazy nerd dude in the Veronica Mars movie? HELL YEAH.

but even him on Happy! got tiring after the first few episodes

@jontv he always sounds exactly like Patton Oswalt, which is fine sometimes but really pulls you out of this show

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